About us

History of Taiwan Rhinology Society (TRS) In 1997, a few enthusiastic Taiwanese rhinologists drafted and compiled the Taiwan Rhinitis Clinical Practice Guideline. They later completed the 2002 Taiwan Rhinitis Patient Education Manual, 2002 Taiwan Rhinosinusitis Patient Education Manual, 2007 Taiwan Rhinosinusitis Clinical Practice Guideline, and 2007 Taiwan Rhinoinusitis Patient Education Manual, contributing greatly to the clinical and academic advancement of rhinology in Taiwan.
In 2008, several Taiwanese rhinologists once again discussed how to continue the academic and professional development initiatives of rhinology. In addition to restarting the compilation of the Taiwan Rhinitis Clinical Practice Guideline, they formed the Taiwan Rhinology Club (TRC) and decided to hold annual rhinology symposiums to gather domestic rhinologist experts and actively promote the academic development of rhinology. The TRC not only fostered the academic advancement of rhinology but also placed great importance on educating patients and the society as a whole. It created sinonasal surgery consent form templates, helping patients better understand their surgical procedures, and provided health education on rhinopathy through the media to combat treatment misinformation. In order to train and pass on medical knowledge to a new generation of rhinologists, the TRC has held a national rhinology conference annually since 2009 and hosted or cosponsored various seminars and surgical training workshops every year.

In order to further fulfill the responsibility of patient education and improve the quality of care for rhinologic and respiratory health, the Taiwan Rhinology Club updated the Taiwan Rhinitis Clinical Practice Guideline and Taiwan Rhinitis Patient Education Manual in 2011, produced the Taiwan Rhinosinusitis Patient Education Manual video in 2013, and published the Taiwan Nasal Spray Patient Education Manual in 2014.

After years of operation as the Taiwan Rhinology Club, the Taiwan Rhinology Society (TRS) was formally established on March 23, 2014, serving as the official point of contact for communication with International Rhinologic Societies. The TRS aims to further the medical standards of rhinology, advance the research in rhinology, improve the rhinologic and respiratory health of the Taiwanese people, and promote the international academic exchange in rhinology. Its visions and goals include combining the academic resources of rhinology at home and abroad and connecting with the world in rhinology research to safeguard the health of domestic patients with rhinologic and respiratory conditions.

On September 3, 2017, the Taiwan Rhinology Society was admitted to the International Rhinologic Society (IRS), becoming a member of the international rhinologic community. This is another important milestone for the rhinologic community in Taiwan. On January 22, 2020, the Taiwan Rhinology Society signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Thai Rhinologic Society in Thailand, and then successively with the American Rhinology Society on May 7, 2021, with the Korean Rhinology Society on November 30, 2022, and with Japanese Rhinology Society on December 5, 2022. The memorandum of cooperation laid a good platform for strengthening clinical and academic cooperation between the both sides.

Thanks to the efforts of senior rhinologists over the years and the active participation of rhinologists in international academic activities, Taiwan Rhinology has established a good and close relationship with the world and mainland rhinology societies. Looking forward to the near future, Taiwan Rhinologic Society can write a more glorious history.